Hemingway’s House: A Literary Tour of Key West

As one of the most famous residents of Key West, Ernest Hemingway’s presence can still be felt throughout the island. One of the best ways to experience his legacy is by visiting his former home, which has been preserved as a museum. In this article, we’ll take you on a literary tour of Key West, with a special focus on Hemingway’s House. And to top off the experience, we’ll recommend a Key West boat tour with Key West Sandbar Trips to take in the island’s beauty from the water.

The History of Hemingway’s House – Hemingway purchased the house in 1931 and lived there with his second wife, Pauline, and their children. Learn about the house’s history and its significance to Hemingway’s life and work.

The Architecture of Hemingway’s House – The house itself is a beautiful example of Spanish Colonial architecture, with unique features such as a wrap-around veranda and a second-story catwalk. Explore the design and construction of the house.

The Hemingway Museum – The house has been preserved as a museum, with many of Hemingway’s personal belongings on display, including his writing desk, typewriter, and books. Take a tour of the museum and learn about Hemingway’s life and career.

Hemingway’s Writing – Hemingway wrote some of his most famous works while living in Key West, including “To Have and Have Not” and “The Snows of Kilimanjaro.” Learn about the inspiration behind these works and the impact they had on literature.

Hemingway’s Legacy – Hemingway’s influence can still be felt in Key West today, from the annual Hemingway Days festival to the many bars and restaurants that he frequented. Explore his enduring legacy on the island.

The Hemingway Rum Company – Hemingway was known for his love of rum, and his legacy lives on through the Hemingway Rum Company. Learn about the company’s history and its products, which are made with local ingredients.

The Gardens of Hemingway’s House – The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens, with lush tropical foliage and a stunning saltwater pool. Take a stroll through the gardens and admire the beauty of the island.

Hemingway’s Cats – One of the most unique features of Hemingway’s House is its population of six-toed cats, descendants of Hemingway’s own pets. Learn about the cats and their place in Hemingway’s life and legacy.

Hemingway’s House is a must-visit destination for any literary or history lover in Key West. From the museum to the gardens to the cats, there is something for everyone to discover. And with a Key West boat tour from Key West Sandbar Trips, you can explore the island’s beauty from a unique perspective. So book your tour today and start your literary adventure in Key West.